Historical photos of Hiiu welfare center
Hiiu Ravikeskus houses a renovated 1920s polyclinic mansion that has a long and colourful history of treating people, where for almost a century people have come for care and shelter, from mothers with newborns and German soldiers during the war to orphans and children of the Soviet Estonia.

Architect Artur Perna with students

Architect Artur Perna

Hiiu Ravikeskus main building

Third (3.) Orphanage of Nõmme

Children's Hospital of Nõmme

Small Children Orphanage of Nõmme


The services of welfare in Hiiu are mainly for people unable to cope with daily life and need assistance for everyday normal functioning.

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All our nursing services will provide relief and comfort to our patients. Nursing service also includes 24 hour supervision.

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